About Us

Here at Giwu we believe every life is a miracle, and every miracles story should be told.  We are given these stories to help others, to lift people up out of negative situations, to shine a light on the path forward, or maybe just to bring joy or a smile to someones life.  Sometimes we are given stories to teach and sometimes to preach. 

Giwu Publishing services are here to provide you with an affordable way to realize your dreams. There was a time when the cost of writing a book and having it published was beyond the average person, but not today. Now your words can come to life in a matter of months. Giwu publishing provides the skills and services necessary for you to realize your dreams of writing a book. You will be empowered by the ease in which this can be done. Once the book is completed you will be given a press release along with a media marketing plan, also an authors website will be built and given a unique email address that identifies you as the author. Our editors, illustrators and web-developers  are waiting to start your project today. 

The path is clear, don’t be afraid of success.

Unleash the writer that is in you!

Giwu Publishing Services 

Empowering Authors and Publishing Dreams.

website: www.giwupublishing.com

email: info@giwupublishing.com

Call: (312) 316-3493